Ccc_website_2I am totally pumped about the new COMMUNITY website!  Before I give you a few cool new features to check out let me give you a few reasons why our new and improved website is so important to the mission of “helping people find their way back to God”.  First, according to the recent focus groups we had conducted 100% (that is everyone!) who was new to COMMUNITY checked out our website first before coming!  This is a critical tool for outreach.  Second, we recently wanted to put together a photography team and we advertised it only on the website and we now have a team of fourteen photographers who started contributing.  The best way to get people involved is via our website.  Finally, it is now the place to get the latest all-church news or news about your COMMUNITY campus.  OK, enough of that.  Here are a several new cool features to check out:

You will get to meet Jeff, who is now the host of our web site. If you go to the homepage, you’ll see him walk on. Or you can just navigate to the About Us section. In addition to the preset questions he answers, you can also ask your own question which will generate a random (and funny although useless) answer. Try it!

Using Google Maps, you can now search and browse all COMMUNITY adult small groups using an interactive map. The tool is very cool, even if you’re already in a small group! Check it out!

The media page has the most recent streaming videos from adults, students and kids.  It includes our teaching team videos and our other award-winning videos that go along with the BIG IDEA.  If you haven’t already seen this feature you will love it.  Try not to spend all day there!


Check out the Stories of Life Change section. We have some truly great stories on video that I’ve watched multiple times.  We also have a place where people can post their own life changing stories.  We have already  started receiving stories from people through the web site…leave yours!

This is the currently the most visited part of our website.  This is where you can find out about news that applies to all of COMMUNITY or get the latest from your campus.  This is also the place where we have links to all our staff blog so you can get the latest rant or ramble from our smart and funny staff!

There is a lot more stuff than I have in this post, but you will have to find it for yourself.  Congrats to Tom Greever on doing a great job with leading the re-design of the new website.  Not only is the new website very cool, it is also helping people find their way back to God!

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