Caleb_and_dave_on_baseball_team_07_Here is a pic that you will never see again – Caleb (my 9 year old son) and me in Cubs uniforms.  Last April Caleb got the call from his little league manager congratulating him that he was on his team and that his team was the Cubs.  Caleb is a die-hard White Sox fan (like his Dad) and he immediately told us, “I’m not wearing that uniform!”  After some persuasion and telling him that it was the “Naperville Cubs” and not the Chicago Cubs he decided he could wear the uniform just to the games but would not wear even the hat to practice.  As one of the coaches I wasn’t too thrilled either.  Last year we were the Yankees (ugh!) and this year the Cubs!?! I just hope that this football season we aren’t the Packers!! Caleb had a great season at the plate and in the field and this is a pic of us after his last game.  Enjoy it Cubs fans…you will never see us in this attire again.  And my apologies to Sox fans.

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