The large countdown clock on the big screens at Seacoast during the Multi-Site Conference begin at 15:00 minutes telling everyone how long till the next main session will begin. The clock has now counted down to less than 9:00 minutes when two guys named Keith and Dave grab me.  They say, “You are just the guy we are looking for…we need to talk with you!”  I respond, “Great, can we do connect after this main session since I’m the speaker.”  They say, “no, it will only take a minute…can you follow us to the nursery?” So I do!?!  When I get to the nursery I find out they have a mic all set up and they want to record a podcast for their website, KeithandDave.com.  And they want to do it now!

If it sounds like I was annoyed…actually I was flattered and I loved their boldness.  Besides, I found out that they are both church planters (gotta love that!) and that Keith is on staff at NewSong (one of my favorite churches!)  So, they gave me their card, I checked out the website and it looks like some good stuff.  Included in the good stuff is a podcast interview with myself, Larry Osborne and Greg Surratt,the three main session speakers at Coast To Coast Mult-Site.

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