Shawn_williamsShawn Williams (photo), the Student Ministry Champion at Community Christian Church just launched a brand new blog that you will definitely want to check out:  Multi-Site Students.  I was just there and he’s got some great stuff on the development of a student ministry at a new site and some great stuff he got from Life Church.

As long as I’m making recommendations regarding multi-site stuff, here are few more.  If you haven’t been over to Multi-Site Kids it has the best stuff on how to lead a ministry for kids in a multi-site church context.

Multisite_church_revolution_2_2If you haven’t got your copy of The Multi-Site Revolution that was just released, get one!  I got my official autographed (thanks Geoff and Greg!) copy today and this is the book on multi-site!

And last but not least, if your church is interested in going multi-site in the next year you need to come to our NewThing Multi-Site Practicum.  Our next practicum is June 12 & 13 and we still have room for some teams.  Check it out.

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