Multisite1_2It was nine years ago this coming week that Community Christian Church became a multi-site church.  At the time we were only aware of a handful of churches across the country that were “one church with multiple locations”.  Since that time we have been in a unique position to see the multi-site church move along the innovation curve from only a few innovators to being applied by many more early adopters.  For anyone still doubting whether the multi-site church is here to stay, pick up a copy of The Multi-Site Revolution or just check out these stats:

  • In 1990 there were only 10 multi-site churches in the U.S.  Today 33% of all churches are currently considering the multi-site option.
  • In 2000 only 5% of all mega churches in the U.S. had multiple locations.  Today 25% of all mega churches have more than one site and experts are predicting that by 2010 that 50% of all mega churches will be multi-site.
  • Currently 7 of the 10 fastest growing churches in the U.S. are multi-site churches.
  • Currently 9 of the 10 largest churches in the U.S. are multi-site churches.

The multi-site approach is clearly moving along with J-curve adaptation.  The good news is that the church in the U.S. is starting to “get” what it means to reproduce.  The question that remains is what will we reproduce?

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