“Mountains do move” was how the e-mail begin.  I just got this e-mail from a guy at CCC in response to the series we are doing Impossible Is NothingThe whole series is dealing with Matthew 17:20 – “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  I wish I could tell you this guys whole story; but trust me it was a total God-thing!  That did remind me of a couple  “mountain-moving” stories that happened just this morning that were even more amazing.  I was speaking at our Romeoville campus on “How To Move Mountains” .  At the end of my talk we had a communion time where we asked people to write their personal mountains (that they need God to move) on a post-it note.  Then we asked them to come forward and post them on a giant poster titled “faith” and then take communion.  It was very cool moment.  After the service a guy in his 20’s who was at CCC for the first time came up to Tim Bakker our Romeoville campus pastor and said that he wanted to be baptized.  Tim said, “great, what brought you to that decision?”  The guy said, “Well, God has just really been working on me”.  And right behind him is his mother who begins to cry.  They both turn to the guys Mom and she says, “you know those prayers we posted in faith…my prayer was that you would decide to get baptized!”  I love it!  I had another guy, Ron come up to me after the service and tell me that he wrote down his twin sisters name on the post-it because she has become a sort of recluse, hiding from the world and her problems.  He said that right after he posted the prayer, took communion and sat down that his cell phone rang. It was his twin sister on the phone crying and saying “Ron, can we talk…I got to talk to someone.”  He’s going over to see her today.  Mountains do move!

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