I just got back from visiting the family that we are sponsoring through Global Family Rescue.  It was very cool experience.  Here is the quick scoop:  Faustin, (age 26) is the Father and Antoinette (age27) is the Mother and they have a 2-week old baby boy.  The baby has a Rwandan name that means “glorify God”.   They had two other children that had died – one at birth and another at the age of 1 1/2.  Antoinette was not in the original photo that was given to us by GFR – she was probably in the field working.  The two boys in that photo along with two more boys are Faustin’s younger brothers who live with them.  Faustin’s mother died when he was young and his father was shot to death during the genocide and he was left to raise his four younger brothers at the age of 14.  He said he survived the best he could and was often forced to beg.  Faustin and Antoinette live way, way, way, way out in the mountains.  Ben Pahlow who was with us said that the hike was the farthest and most remote of any he has taken.  However, you could see the house of the family that Tim Sutherland supports across the valley from Faustin and Antoinette’s home.  The hike was pretty rigorous – about 3 miles total.  Since we started sponsoring this family 4 months ago they have been able to buy a house (2 rooms with dirt floor, no electricity or anything like that) afford medical insurance (it’s hard to believe it is actually available out there), a few chickens, a couple goats, a little land to farm and a latrine outside of the house.  They also were able to afford the basics like shoes, clothes, a bench, and a couple chairs.  They knew we were coming and had a gift for us – a container they bought from the market filled with beans they had grown.  That was awesome!  When I explained why we were supporting them; Faustin jumped right in to explain that he was “born again” and went on to tell us that he attended a local church and that they were both in the choir.  Which led them to sing a song for us; that was great!  Then we did our best  to reciprocate and sang a song for them and I’m not so sure that was great.  Overall, it was an amazing experience! 

If you want more pics and another perspective on our visit with Faustin & Antoinette visit Ben Pahlows blog.  He has seven posts with a whole pictorial on the visit under a post titled Visiting Dave Ferguson’s Sponsored Family.

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