This is Deanna Woods next to the uncut birthday cake and unopened presents from the birthday party for her daughter, Sharonda Small, and her niece, Siretha White (below). Siretha was killed by a stray bullet.

Sue was the first to tell me the tragic story of Siretha White when I woke up Monday morning.  I got the bitter details when I read the front page article in the Chicago Tribune.  I tried to relay the story to Jon later in the afternoon and I thought I was going to lose it.  I think this maybe the saddest story I have ever heard.  This is the kind of story that should break the heart of every follower of Jesus because it breaks the heart of God.  This is the kind of story that should motivate His Church to work and pray so that this would never happen again.

If you haven’t heard the story here is the beginning and then a link to the article from the Tribune…About 10 feet from the spot Siretha White was shot, on a small glass-topped table, was a $26 store-bought birthday cake. It was never cut.  Siretha_white_1 The cake was a surprise, as was the whole party Saturday night, a joint celebration of Siretha’s upcoming 11th birthday and her cousin’s 13th. But before anyone could slide a knife through the rainbow-swirled frosting, before any of the 30 children crammed into the tiny front rooms of the Englewood apartment could even sing “Happy Birthday,” there was the sound of gunfire. (Boisterous Birthday Girl Dreamed Of Movie Stardom)

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