Spent about half of today with Jon, Eric and company at the TLN studios videotaping a Church Communication Network broadcast on The Big Idea. I’ve done this aBig_idea_cover_2  couple other times:  first on The Reproducing Church and more recently on Multiplying Ministry. (I think you can purchase DVD’s if you want?)  The first two were live and we took questions that people either called in or e-mailed in.  This session was videotaped and will broadcast in August.  The weird part  about doing a CCN broadcast is that you have a make-up person that puts make-up on you.  They actually sprayed the make-up on me.  You know that you need some work when they are spraying the make-up on you!?!  We had fun…of course.  And hopefully we will help several thousand church leaders learn how they can apply The Big Idea.

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