I have been thinking more and more about the Multi-Site Tug of War. I have been talking about it to all our staff and I plan on continuing the conversation tomorrow during some of our meetings. Well, here is the next insight: When we are living with a healthy tension between reproducing and consistent quality we are experiencing creativity…when we are either too focused on reproducing or too obsessed with quliaty, creativity ceases. As I started talking to people about this I saw some eyes really light up like, “yeah, that’s it…when we are still creating new things, we are living with a good balance of reproduction and excellence”.

One of the people who seemed to really resonate with this was Bill Carroll, our Music Guru! Here are some of Bills words on the topic:

“Something really hit me in our in our discussion about excellence versus reproducibility. Maybe it is more of a confirmation. I think you are right on with your thought sequence about the middle ground being “creativity”. I think we were really in that healthy middle ground a few years ago when we were at 3 sites. For me personally, that is when I was spending 6-8 hours a week researching and developing the experiential worship stuff. I really feel like I was at my peak. We just need to figure out what it will take at the point we are at now. I think the fact that we are just having this conversation means we are on our way! Thanks, Bill.”

I think this is one of the most imporant conversations at Community Christian Church right now. I also think it is one of the most important conversations for the whole multi-site movement. We can not have be satisfied with just quality AND we can not simply reproduce sites and churches that do not have an impact.

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