Rwanda_family_1We are leaving today for Rwanda and one of the highlights will be getting to see this this family in Rwanda we have been supporting for $59.00/month.  The goal is that they will be able to start their own micro business in the next three years and then be self-supporting.  At that point we will be able to move our support to another family.  We have been doing this through a new start-up not-for-profit at Community Christian Church called Global Family RescueOne of the cool things that has already happened as a result of our trip (and we haven’t even left yet!) is that some friends of ours (who don’t go to CCC) have told Amy and myself to pick out a family for them to sponsor. That will be fun!

Well, we leave from the Yellow Box at 12:30 pm.  It will be a little crazy because a photographer from the Naperville Glancer is going to be meeting our family there to take a picture of us for an upcoming article featuring Sue as a “Marvelous Mom”.  So, let the fun begin…

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