Mcdonalds_pipelineThe other day I met Jon for our weekly one-on-one at McDonald’s.  As we finished and got our stuff together to walk out I noticed a sign (on your left) at one of the exits that said “go for it all”.  The sign very succinctly laid out a seven step career path for someone to start as a part of the Crew behind the counter or making burgers and eventually become the Director of Operations that offers a “six-figure income” and “significant leadership” responsibility and oversight of “multiple markets”.   I’m lovin’ it!  This simple strategy could make McDonald’s a leadership magnet.  It gives every intrinsically motivated kid a quick guide for how they can move up the ranks in the McDonald’s company.

This is a great lesson for all companies and churches!  You need a career path or a leadership pipeline and leaders need to know about it! One of the most exciting things about successful reproducing churches is that they have put a high priority and intentionality on leadership development.  In fact, research tells us that those churches that have a Campus Pastor track or pipeline experience an average annual growth of 25%.  I’m lovin’ it!  And that same study tells us that the biggest mistake that multi-site churches make was “failure of attention to leadership development”.

I would encourage every church to have a clearly thought out leadership development pipeline.  For the last several years we have had a leadership development pipeline or career path that I could quickly draw on a napkin to explain to emerging leaders how they could continue to expand their influence.  Here is quick glance at our 5-step leadership development pipeline:

  1. Apprentice Leader (leader in training)
  2. Leader (of ten people)
  3. Coach (leader of up to five leaders)
  4. Staff (leader of up to ten coaches)
  5. Campus Pastor /Church Planter (leader of staff)

Our career path does not promise a six-figure income, but it does promise significant leadership responsibility and a huge opportunity to change this planet and a way to make an impact that will be felt for all of eternity.  I’m lovin’ it!

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