Lead_follow_get_out_of_the_way_2 One of the most critical events in the life of Community happens on the first Saturday morning of every month. Once a month we gather all our leaders (adults, students and kids ministry) from all of our locations for Leadership Community. Check out the Vision time from our January Leadership Community to see and hear about our initiatives for this year and why Leadership Community is such an important event for us.

I believe that Leadership Community is an absolute must monthly event for CCC.  If I was to choose only one gathering for our church, I would choose the small group.  If I got to add a second gathering, I would choose Leadership Community.  Third would be our celebration service.  That is how important I believe Leadership Community to be.  So, why do we need Leadership Community?  I’m glad you asked.  Here are at least three reasons.

  • Vision Leaks – Even the best of leaders get worn out and discouraged and the vision that once inspired them to “keep on” begins to leak.  I once heard Carl George say, “the vision dies every 60 days”; that is why we need to keep the vision in front of all our leaders on at least a monthly basis.
  • Leaders Need To Be Around Other Leaders – Only leaders know what it is like to face the challenges of leadership.  And because of that for leaders there is nothing like the encouragement of being around other leaders. So at Leadership Community we put leaders into coaching huddles where they can talk, trouble-shoot and pray together.
  • It’s a Great Place To Sharpen Your Leadership Skills – There is a specific skill-set that is needed to be the most effective leader you can be.  So at Leadership Community  we offer specific skills training so that leaders can be their very best!

At the September Leadership Community I lay out the vision for the coming ministry year and explain the 3-4 all-church initiatives that we are going after.  This year our initiatives were the following:

  1. Reproduce A Campus In Plainfield
  2. Operation Generosity
  3. Alternative 3C Communities
  4. Defining Spiritual Maturity

Usually in January I come back to those initiatives and give an
update.  I did that that again this year.  It is our goal to have every
leader understand where we are going as a church and to have all of us
moving in the same direction.  This month, we captured the January Leadership Community vision time on video for our CCC leaders to review and share with others and for those outside CCC to check out.

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