I was at Leadership Community this past weekend at the Yellow Box not as the Lead Pastor of COMMUNITY, but as a small group leader.  Half of all our Leadership Communities are now led by the Campus Pastor at their site and the rest we bring everyone together for an all-church Leadership Community.  So, I was there to learn and grow like all the other Yellow Box leaders and I got to hear Campus Pastor Tim Bakker do a super training on Leaders That Reproduce.  I don’t remember all of it, but here is the stuff that stuck with me and hopefully will stick with you as a reproducing leader.

  1. View yourself as a leader-maker and your group/team as a leader-making laboratory.  After hearing from God the next most important task of every leaders is to find and develop another leader.  As a group/team you should always be thinking about how you can develop the next leader for the next group or team.
  2. Be on a constant talent search.  As a leader you should always be on the look for another person who has the potential to be a leader.  Ask yourself the question, “who around you could be a leader if someone would just encourage and invest in them?”
  3. Develop an apprentice through process and not through a hand-off. You don’t just hand-off leadership to someone, you intentionally develop them through the following apprenticeship process:
  • I do, you watch, we talk.
  • I do, you help, we talk.
  • You do, I help, we talk.
  • You do, I watch, we talk.
  • We both begin to do with someone else.

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