Kigali_airport_lost_clothes_1Chicago to Amsterdam to Nairobi to Kigali.  We finally arrived at the airport in Kigali early this morning.  You know that fear that you have when you go to airport baggage claim and wonder if your bags are really going to show up on that little carousel?  Well, that fear became a reality – they lost my bags!!  And here I am filling out the paper work (on carbon copy?!?) so they can track my lost luggage. 

When I imagined Rwanda I thought of my trips to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  While Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world – my first impression is that it is much different Haiti.  Rwanda seems hopeful; Haiti seemed almost hopeless.  Rwandan people relate and want to get to know you; Haitian people seemed like they were too intimidated to relate.  Rwanda is absolutely beautiful; Haiti had been stripped of all it’s beauty.  And the average annual income of the people in Rwanda ($287.00) is almost double what it is in Haiti.  Both countries need lots of help, but I didn’t see the kind of poverty today in Rwanda that I saw in Haiti.

Rwanda_2_6This afternoon I got a chance to go out into the rural area and visit some of the families being sponsored by Global Family Rescue.  This pic is of Tim Campbell, myself, Tim Sutherland and a bunch of the kids.  There are kids everywhere!  One of the families that we visited was sponsored by Tim Sutherland and his boys.  It was pretty amazing to see what they had done with just 5 months worth of support.  They had started their own little farm with crops and goats and had a plan to make it self-supporting.  Very cool.  Tomorrow we will go to rural church up in the mountains outside of Kigali and then visit some more families.  So far, loving it!

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