Kensington_cc_3I spent the day outside of Detroit with the team from Kensington Community Church coaching them on their multi-site strategy.  This is a phenomenal team and phenomenal church!  They just started their third site which had more than 1,500 on opening day and now they are running more than 8,000 church-wide.  Steve Andrews, the Lead Pastor is a gifted leader and a true visionary:  they want to reach 50,000 people through 12 sites locally and another 15,000 people through 5 more sites nationally.  And that doesn’t even touch on the amazing things they are going to do through church planting!

We spent the day talking about how they could accomplish this vision.  Here are the 7 critical questions that we worked through and that I recommend every church that wants to go beyond 2 sites work through:

  1. What is the dream God has for your church?
  2. What is essential to your brand?
  3. What is your organizational design?
  4. What is your strategy for leader and artist development?
  5. What is your financial strategy?
  6. What is your your plan for alignment?
  7. Are you willing to be unstoppable?

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