21_day_challenge_2About a week ago we started the 21-day Challenge where we challenged everyone to join us in journaling for 21 straight days through the gospel of John.  I have been posting my journal entries on this blog in hopes of encouraging lots of people to take on this challenge.  So far the response of people at Community has been super!  But I know there are more people at Community that have yet to get on board – so why not start today?!?

What has been cool is that there are also people outside of CCC who are taking up the Journaling Challenge.  My cyber-friend Jason Curlee in Corpus Christi, Texas has taken the challenge.  He has a great post on Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline and another post on Silence, Please where he says that the most important thing is for him to “hear from God everyday”.  I couldn’t agree more!   And because of Jason’s example Tyler is challenging his readers to join him on this journaling journey through John.

So start today and join us on this 21-Day Challenge.

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