Meeks_james_2If you live in the Chicago you know that Senator Reverend James Meeks has been in the news quite a bit lately.  Since James is in a small group of pastors that I’m a part of that meets every couple months I’ve gotten to know him better and better.  There were a couple nights last week when the news would be on and one of the kids would see Meeks on TV and say, "Hey Dad is that your friend?"  Funny.

Rev. Meeks led a school boycott to start the school year off and insist that governor keep his promise of funding Chicago public schools billions of dollars.  This move was controversial and I watched from a distant with interest.  Since I was with Meeks last week for a couple hours I asked him, "James, since my kids are in some of the best schools in the country in Naperville schools and they have a graduation rate of 97% I’m sure that I don’t get it."

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