Josh_after_game_winning_hit_3Every boy that loves baseball has at one time imagined,“it’s the last inning, there are two outs, my team is behind and coming to the plate is…me!” And of course in your imagination you come through with the game winning hit, right?

Tonight was fun because that imaginary dream came true.  It was the last inning, there were two outs, we were down by one run with the tying run on third and the winning run on second.  And coming  to the plate is Josh Ferguson.  On the second pitch Josh hit a line drive into right field to drive in the winning run and clinch a season ending victory 10-9.  Mom, Dad, younger brother Caleb, Grandma and Grandpa – we were all going crazy!  The whole team stormed the field and mobbed Josh after the hit.  The picture is Josh (the one with the muscles!) and a couple of his team mates (Will and Brad) celebrating right after the game winning hit!

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