Sports_balls_3I sometimes tell my boys that I coach, “The most important thing is that we have fun…but it’s more fun when we win!”  And winning is what happened this weekend.  So, now for the update on all the sports events that I care about!

  • First, my 3rd Grade YMCA team continued their undefeated season by winning 22-20 on a last minute shot by our smallest team member.  It was a really tight game and definitely our toughest.
  • Then the White Sox beat the Cubs 13-2 in a cactus league game.  It’s always a good time when the Sox beat the cubbies.
  • Finally, I just finished watching my Bulls come from 18 points down in the fourth quarter to beat the Bucks 126-121 in overtime.

Like I said, “…but it’s more fun when you win!”

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