Since you are at Starbucks thinking – and I commend you for that!  I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been thinking about this morning. 

It hit me this morning that the primary issue we have at CCC is a vision issue.  Oversimplification?  Maybe.  True?  Definitely.  Why do I say this?

1. God has a dream for how He wants this planet and His people to live – people need to see the vision of that.

2. God made the church the eternal community to make that happen dream come true – people need to see the vision of that.

3. God made people to be generous people, without it we are discontent, purpose-less and lacking joy – people need to see the vision of that.

4. We know the people of CCC want to be generous and have been generous as recently as this past year (NEXT – $2.5M) – what our people need now is a clear vision of what God dreams, how the church can accomplish that and how their generosity can accomplish that.

It hit me brand new this AM.  I think we need a bigger and clearer vision for this coming year.

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