Amy_dave_vianneyThis picture was taken on Sunday – it’s Amy, myself and one of the GFR staff, Vianney.  Vianney is a very respected leader within the local communities (he serves as a judge) and within the churches.  However, when we woke up this morning we got news that during the night Vianney had been arrested.  Crazy!?!  Evidently some people who have a vendetta against GFR accused him of having some involvement in the 1994 genocide.  The accusation was enough for them to take him away until they can conclude that he was innocent.  So, before we took off to visit some of the GFR families in the mountains we tried to follow-up on Vianney and see what we could do to help him.  We talked to his brother, his wife and some of the local community leaders and they reassured us that he would be out of jail in a couple of days; that while in jail he would not be harmed and that everyone knew these accusations were false.  It was a pretty emotional event for the whole group.  We were supposed to eat at Vianney’s home on Friday night and he was going to tell us his story of how his wife and child were killed during the genocide. We are praying for his release.  Please join us. Rwanda is still in many ways a crazy place!

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