Looking_for_innovationI have always said that the best stuff on this blog is found in the comments. (Actually, I haven’t always said that – but I did say it once and now I’m saying it again!) I have been thinking about innovation lately and it has shown up on the last two posts.  Kathy left an important comment  about innovation when she said: “It may be equally important to look within your own church body…at
the edges…to see what innovation God is driving close to home.”
I agree.  There are innovative edges within (most) local churches and there are the innovative edges within the body of Christ as a whole.  Then I  got an e-mail from Paul who pointed me toward an article from Knowledge@Wharton titled Innovation Networks:  Looking for Ideas Outside the Company  The article pulls it all together and says, “Innovation
networks are people, institutions and companies that are outside the
firm — they can also be inside the firm… They are intellectual assets that companies can link
up with to solve problems and find ideas, while beginning to think
about those assets as an extended part of their organization. From a competitive-advantage standpoint, yes, I think it’s going to be
a really big deal…the companies that identify those assets outside
and begin to build relationships with them have a real shot at building
a competitive advantage and preferential relationships.”
If you want to read the whole article, click HERE.

When I talk about innovation, I’m talking about new things that the Spirit of God is doing to better accomplish His mission on this planet.  And innovative networks are an effort to intentionally build community within the body of Christ for sharing what God is doing and challenging each other to take Spirit-led risks. So, where do you find those kind of innovative networks to help you discern the new things that God is doing?

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