Scott_hodgeOne of the highlights for me is getting to hear Scott Hodge teach us at Innovate 07Scott is a friend of mine (we hang out at the same Starbucks), my blogging mentor and a very gifted leader who has done amazing things at the Orchard Church. The Orchard is an 80 year old church that came close to extinction.  I remember several conversations with Scott where we got together and he wasn’t sure that the Orchard was going to survive.  Behind Scott’s leadership and through the grace of God the Orchard is now a dynamic, growing missional community that is impacting the world around it.  I’m super proud of Scott. Scott told his story about coming to the Orchard to help his Dad bring about change; how his Dad passed away and how he continued to lead the church.  Scott told us his story and here are some of his thoughts on Leading Change:

  • Move forward with an attitude of “I have nothing to lose”.
  • If you are ready for change ask yourself these questions:
    • “Why are we doing what we are doing?”
    • “What is not working?”
    • “What should we stop doing?”
  • Sometimes you know what you don’t want to be before you realize what you want to be!
  • Change will mean losing people from your church.
  • Change will bring criticism.
  • Tenacity and belief in the mission will get you through it. (Scott told us about his Dad who was the Senior Pastor telling him, “Scott, I’m willing to die for this cause!”)
  • There will come a day when you will see all the people that were once far from God finding their way back…and it will be worth it.  On one Sunday they baptized over 100 people.  They are now out of space and adding a third service.  It has all been worth it!

As Scott reflected on his story he said there were two things that were absolutely essential to make the change happen:

  1. We had to listen to God’s voice.  There would be one voice above all the others that we would listen to.
  2. We had to courageously obey. Once we heard God we committed ourselves to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.
    • “New wine must be poured into new wine skins.”  Why do we hold onto the old wine skins?  Because they don’t cost us anything!  New wine skins are expensive!  It is costly to get something new!

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