Rob_wegnerWe are starting day number 2 at Innovate 07.  Had a great time with a great group of people yesterday.  I skipped the film festival to watch the opening episode of The Office.  Funny, funny and funny!  But now I am back at Granger and we are starting the day with Rob Wegner. This is the first time that I have heard Rob speak and he is a passionate world-class communicator.  Great stuff.  They are continually referring to how they are looking to communicate one Big Idea. I’m stunned at how much we have in common.  Eric and I were joking that if anyone wants a big conference on the Big Idea we should send them to Granger.  They totally get it and they do a great job explaining it!

In this opening session Rob is talking about how to make the message sticky.  Here are four questions that we need to ask to make sure the message sticks:

  • Is it simple?
    • Simple means finding the core.    In Made To Stick they talk about the “canceling” effect of having too many messages.  In The Big Idea (thanks Rob!) they challenge you to actually count how many “little ideas” a family of four will be given in a single trip to church on Sunday. Try it and you will discover that one family will receive dozens and maybe hundreds of ideas about what it means to be a Christ-follower.
    • Simple is about choosing. We need to become masters of exclusion.
    • Simple means finding the irreducible minimum.
    • Simple means determining the core of what you will teach.  All scripture is equally inspired, but not all scripture is equally important.
  • Is it unexpected?
    • Unexpected means being unexpected in a way that drives the point home.
    • Unexpected means creating a curiosity gap.
  • Is it concrete?
    • People want to know if we can help them with real concrete stuff:  Can you help me with me marriage?  Can you help me with this pain?  Can you help me be a better parent?
    • Deep is functionality.
  • Is it story driven?
    • Story driven means shifting from illustration to animation.
    • The story creates the emotional moment for people to get the Big Idea.
    • “Stories are flight simulators for the brain” – Made To Stick
    • Story-driven means layering stories to make one big idea.
  • Am I Spirit-dependent?

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