Mark_waltz_2 I am realizing that over the last couple years that I have spoke at so many conferences and stuff that I have not gone to very many events just to take it in and learn myself.  Wow…I missed that. So being here at Granger is good for me and I think will be good for CCC.  One of the people who has impacted CCC before I ever got here is Mark Waltz and his practical guidance about guest services.  The following notes are from Mark’s workshop telling us how NOT to do it.  Here are 5 Ways To Drive Guests Away:

#1 Make guest services one more church program.

  • Cultivate guest services into the DNA of your church.

#2 Make it all about your church members.

  • Make it all about newcomers.
  • Check out the services offered by Guest Reflections on their website.
  • Put 4-5 things in your weekly program/bulletin and make sure they are target toward newcomers.  At the very least make sure you have more stuff in your program/bulletin that is for guests than for members.

#3 Make sure that everyone follows the rules.

  • Remember the golden rule
  • RED rules are rules that everyone must follow.  It is a matter of life and death.  There is only one RED rule at Granger – you must have a tag to pick up your child. 
  • BLUE rules are rules that are encouraged, but take into consideration the golden rule.

#4 Take any willing person onto your team

  • There is a unique wiring that some people have that will create the kind of first impression that you want for your church.  Conversely there are some people who want to be on the first impression teams because it is how they get their needs met instead of meeting the needs of newcomers.

#5 Assume your team members “get it”.

  • Repeat the vision constantly.

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