InfluenceI spent yesterday in Louisville for a series of meetings. Fly in…meeting, meeting, meeting…fly out.  It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not.  I kind of like it.  But liking it can not be the criteria for me deciding when to say “yes” and when to say “not now”.  If liking it was my only criteria for saying “yes” I would be working 24 hours a day.  It’s great that God is giving me so many opportunities, but it is causing me to think more about the use of my influence and when to say “yes”.

Earlier this year I said “yes” to a trip and a speaking engagement which meant being gone from home and CCC for a couple days.  As I got on board the plane to return home I knew that the last 36 hours was not a good use of my influence.  Yesterday, was different.

  • My first meeting was for the upcoming 2007 National New Church Conference and I’m going to be the president.  Last years conference was a huge success with a record attendance and 98% of the attenders said they would return in ’07 on their evaluation.  We are expecting to double the attendance this next year; take the program to a new level and facilitate collaboration between denominations and emerging church planting networks.  I believe this conference in Orlando could be the single most significant event for the church in the United States next year.  It is definitely worthy of a “yes”!
  • My second meeting  was for the upcoming 2007 North American Christian Convention and I’m going to be the vice-president.  This independent Christian Church convention is a big event  and will have more than 10,000 attenders in Kansas City next year.  The convention has typically been geared toward teaching and fellowship.  However, next year (and the reason I said “yes”) it will have a church planting emphasis.  Five of the six main session speakers are church planters. Each main session will feature stories of church planters and interviews with church planters.  On Thursday night we will ask every attender and every church to take specific steps to get involved in church planting.  Lastly, we are making plans to leave behind an emerging network of new churches in Kansas City as a direct result of this convention. This convention has the opportunity to really rock and I will not regret having said, “yes”.

As a leader I want to leverage my influence and that means knowing when to say “yes’ and when to say “not now”.  This week, I said “yes” to the right things.

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