Gary-hamel Gary Hamel was ranked as the #1 Business Thinker of 2008 by The Wall Street Journal and called “the world’s leading expert on business strategy” by Fortune Magazine.  He is the author of Leading the Revolution and The Future of Management.

The following are some of the thoughts from Gary Hamel’s talk Manage Differently Now given at the 2009 Leadership Summit:

  • Our problem is not greed or materialism; our problem has to do with change…we live in a time of unprecedented exponential change.
  • The reality is that most organizations get shackled to one model and stuck in one paradigm.
  • Over time visions become strategies and strategies get codified and and you get stuck in an old paradigm.
  • Success is a self-correcting phenomenon.
  • The really hard thing is not inventing, but re-inventing yourself and bringing about change.


1. Overcome the temptation to take refuge in denial.

  • Overcoming denial usually requires that we go through four steps: 1. Dismiss 2. Rationalize 3. Mitigate 4. Confront.
  • “Microsoft is only two years from being irrelevant” – Bill Gates

2. Generate dozens of new possibilities

  • We are in too big of a hurry to find a solution; we need to first spend time thinking through all the crazy possibilities.

3. Deconstruct what you are already doing.

  • Most churches end up doing the same stuff because they read the same books and use the same consultants.  We need to reconsider everything..spare the gospel.  Why can’t a sermon be created though an open-source conversation?  Why can’t we bring laptops into the sanctuary to take notes?  Why is the sermon more of a lecture and not a discussion?  Why…
  • Mental models of leadership teams are increasingly irrelevant but at the same time their power is increasing.
  • Is the challenge finding great leaders OR leveraging the people that God has sent us?
  • Young people want to work for corporations that functions more like the web where everyone has a voice and is judged by what they produce.

Jesus is the answer and He is the hope for humanity.  And the church is God’s plan A for delivering that message.  There is no plan B!

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