When Amy was little we developed a routine that we would often repeat at bedtime while “snuggling”.  The routine would include saying prayers; talking about our day and sometimes making up stories about the adventures of Y-ma and A-uhsoj.  But my favorite part of the bedtime routine was a little guessing game that we would play.  The game went like this:  I would gently place her little head next to mine and I would say, “ok, try to guess what I am thinking?”  And then she would guess.  I don’t know if Amy guessed wrong on purpose just to humor me or if sometimes she really didn’t know because my answer to the question was the same every night.  With our two foreheads touching each other I would ask, “guess what I am thinking?”  She might guess, “you are thinking about chocolate chip cookies” and I say “no”.  Then she might guess, “you are thinking about baseball” and I’d say “no”.  But eventually she would give up and say “Dad, tell me what you are thinking” and I would tell her.   And every night I would say this:  “I’m thinking I’m crazy about you”.

Well, Amy turned 16 years old today.  She has been an absolute delight and joy for 5,844 days.  There is so much I could say about who she has been and who I believe God wants her to be in the years to come.  But the one thing I most want her to know is what her Dad is thinking about her today:  I’m crazy about you!

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