Dave_jon_at_scenic_10kI really got into running about 10 years ago when a guy in my small group who had run several marathons challenged some of us on staff to train and run the Chicago Marathon.  We did it together and it was one of the real highs of my life.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed running on a regular basis as a means of exercise, competition and a spiritual discipline of sorts. The pic is of Jon and I running the Park Forest Scenic 10 mile last year.

If you are into running I have a website that you will really enjoy.  My son Josh who is a terrific runner turned me onto this website where you can set goals for yourself and also track your mileage.  The website is LOGARUN.COMI just started using it and it is great for holding me accountable for how many miles I am really running.

I’m posting this for a couple reasons.  First, if you are into running you’ll love this link.  Second, if you live in the Chicago area what races are coming up that you recommend?  I’m particularly interested in races that are not on Saturday or Sunday (workdays!)?

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