God_speakingI don’t remember the specific topic, but I do remember the question and my answer.  I was doing a phone interview with an author who wanted my opinion on something (that’s what I don’t remember) when he asked me (this I remember) “If you could change one thing about Community Christian Church what would you change?”  It came at me like a curve ball to a batter expecting a fast ball.  I’m always thinking about “what’s next”, “how to better accomplish our mission of hpftwbtG” and “how to reproduce __________ (everything)”; but none of those pre-occupations came to mind.  The answer was a lot more simple than most things I think about; but it was clearly the one thing I would change about Community Christian Church.  I said this out loud: “If I could change one thing about CCC it would be that every person hears from God everyday”.  As I said it I felt like a big league hitter who was able to wait on the curve see it hanging and then hit it out of the park.  That was exactly it – I want every person who considers themselves a follower of Jesus at CCC to hear from God everyday!

We are finishing up a series today called Eat This Book.  It has been a great series and we have Eatthisbook_2_4 received tremendous feedback.  But what I really want is a chance to sit down with each and every person at Community Christian Church and explain to them one more time why hearing from God everyday is so important to their life and to the mission of Jesus.  If I could have a one-on-one with every CCC attender here is what I would tell them:

1. Everyday Read God’s Word:  Find a time everyday to read at least a chapter from the Bible.  You don’t forget to eat everyday; don’t forget to feed your soul everyday.  Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 4:4, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word from the mouth of God.”  If you are going to read everyday you need to get a Bible reading plan.  It can be either one that you create yourself or one that we have at CCC on the quarterly book marks or the 3C Journals.  In summary – get a plan and work your plan to read the Bible everyday!

2. Everyday Listen for God’s Voice:  It’s not enough just to read God’s Word; you need to listen for the the voice of God speaking personally to you.  Before you read the Bible, put your hands on God’s book and pray this prayer, “God, speak to me personally through this book”.  Then as you read, listen with your soul to what God wants to say to you.  I usually read about a chapter from the Bible and 90% of the time there will be two or three verses that jump out at me and say something specific to me and my life.  Everything you read in the Bible is true, but there are specific truths that the Holy Spirit will speak into your life if you listen everyday.

3. Everyday Write Down What God Says:  When you sense that God is saying something specifically to you – write it down!  That is a really, really big deal when God speaks truth into your life and you don’t want to forget it.  That is why I want every person at CCC to have a 3C Journal, so you can record these truths that God speaks to you.  If you write them down you are more likely to remember them.  If you write them down you are more likely to act on them. And if you write them down you are more likely to share this with others who will hold you accountable.  So get a 3C Journal and write it down!

4. Everyday Do What God Says:  Do it!  The most mature person is not the person who reads the entire Bible from cover to cover every year.  No!  The most mature follower of Jesus is the person who reads the Bible, hears from God and then obeys His voice.  So, once you hear from God do what He says.

Listen, there is sooo much at stake.  There is a good life (John 10:10) that God meant for you to live and there is a mission that He wants His church to accomplish.  The only way that you are going to live the life that God wants you to live and that the church will accomplish the mission (Acts 1:8) that Jesus left for us to accomplish is when we hear from God everyday!!  That is the one thing I wish that I could change about Community Christian Church – that every person hears from God everyday!!

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