Most_influentialLast week we learned that Community Christian Church was listed again in the Top 50 Most Influential Churches in the country.  See the graphic next to this post.  This is the one from the Church Growth Report article that listed the Top 50 churches.  Is this to illustrate influence or how we use these lists as a megaphone to talk about ourselves?  Just asking.

This year we are listed at #19.  Which is nice.  But I’m starting to think that we need a lot more influence.  Why?   Couple reasons:

  • After being interviewed by the Daily Herald (if you are reading this, thank you very much for putting us on the front page!) they wrote an article titled Church Ranks High On List. All that is great – except they kept referring to us as Christ Community Church!?!  How much influence can a church really have if a Chicago paper can’t get your name right?  I think we need more influence!
  • When my wife told my 9 year old son Caleb that we were #19, he says to me, “I bet Bill Hybels was #1 again wasn’t he?”  (How could he know that?!?)  And then he says, “hey, weren’t you higher last year…I bet everyone else just got a lot better and you stayed the same…err..err..I bet you got better too, they just got even more better…err…err…(smile).”

Good job Community Christian Church!

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