Extinct_misto_with_almond_2 The drink that you are looking at may be my very last “misto with almond, decaf, 2% foam”.  RIP.  It looks like my favorite drink is going to be extinct!

The first time I went to Starbucks was with Rob Daniels at least twelve years ago.  When I walked in I asked him, “what do you like?”  When he told me that he liked a “misto with almond” I ordered the same thing.  And for the last decade or more that has been my usual.  I will vary off that and get a frappuccino in the summer or some tea in the winter, but that is my usual.  But that is all coming to an end.  I have been informed at several Starbucks that they are discontinuing almond syrup.

Fortunately, at the Ground Level Cafe I will still be able to get my “cafe au lait with almond”; which is truly better than Starbucks!!  But when I’m not at the Yellow Box I’m in big trouble.  So, I’m looking for a new favorite drink at Starbucks.  What are your recommendations?

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