Doug_2_1When we started Community Christian Church there was just a few of us who were really committed to the mission of “helping people find their way back to God.”  This past weekend we had well over 6,000 people celebrate Jesus resurrection at Community Christian Church.  One of the few who was there at the beginning was Doug White who played the acoustic guitar on our very first opening Sunday.  Doug is a guy that Jon and I have known since we were kids.  Great guy.  And Doug was on the stage again today at our Yellow Box location – playing the acoustic guitar.  Right in the middle of the second praise chorus this morning with people singing, clapping and worshipping (while still playing wireless) Doug left the stage and came down into the crowd and whispered to me, “do you have any idea how many lives you are going to change today?”  It totally got me fired up.

When I got home tonight I got a very encouraging e-mail from Doug that he signed with, Happy Easter to you…  Glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with you… We’ve come a long way…”  I love the Jesus mission!  But I also love the community of Jesus and getting to do life with some of the same people like Doug for all these years.  I am tremendously grateful to have people who have stuck with us and believed in the mission of “helping people find their way back to God”.  People like Doug.

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