Baptism_2This weekend was another reminder of why I love “helping people find their way back to God.” Before going to our Montgomery/Oswego campus to speak on Saturday night I stopped by John and Maria’s house to celebrate the baptism of their two girls.  John and Maria have been a part of Community Christian Church for a long time and I knew there would be a party and it would be fun to catch up with them and I knew it would be exciting to see their teenage daughters make a commitment to follow Jesus.  What I didn’t know was that as Maria explained to her friends and family why her daughters were getting baptized that her friend would say, “me too…I want to do that!” What I never expected was after we baptized all three of them that when John said, “anybody else want to make this commitment right now?” that a friend of their college age son who was there for the party would raise his hand and say, “me…I want to be baptized”.

The whole experience was awesome!  It felt like something out of the book of Acts.  Friends telling friends about Jesus in middle of a party and people deciding to change the mission and eternities of their lives by becoming followers of Jesus.   At  Community Christian Church we call this “helping people find their way back to God”.  I love it!

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