This video was sent to us from Pastor Jeff Moore and First Presbyterian Church in Aurora, Illinois for us to play at the grand opening of our newest campus in the same town.  I would love for every church leader and every pastor to watch this video. This is exactly how a church should respond when they find out a new church is being started in their town.  They welcomed us with enthusiasm!  They were not threatened. They were not worried about some of their people leaving.  They didn't respond with a scarcity mindset. They responded with a kingdom vision and welcomed us.  And it wasn't just First Presbyterian. We got encouragement from other church leaders in Aurora such as Randy Schoof of the Warehouse Church and my good friend Scott Hodge of The Orchard.  I know there were more so I will be editing this post and adding their names.  I just want to say thanks and let these churches know their response is totally inspiring and a great example how to respond when a new church comes to town!

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