Ok_2I got an e-mail from someone this past week asking me how I make big decisions and what kind of confirmation do I look for before moving in a new direction.  I decided to post a brief summary from that e-mail. There are at least three confirmations that I look for to get an “OK”.  1. Confirmation of God’s Spirit – One of the things I look for is a “peace”.  When I sense a “peace” that comes from God I consider that a sign that God Spirit is confirming the direction that I’m considering.  If I don’t have this peace…I don’t move.  I may still have doubt or even some anxiety, but in the middle of it I have a peace.  But that is not enough…  2. Confirmation of a community of peers – I also want the confirmation that comes from a community of peers.  I don’t trust myself alone with really big decisions. I want to hear from the people who know me the best and love me the most. I want their confirmation that this is the right decision/direction.  But there is still more…  3. Confirmation of followers – If I’m going to move in a new direction I want to know that my leadership is being confirmed with followers.  I want to know that I have a team of people who are ready to take that hill with me. I’m not taking a vote…but I do not want to take the hill on my own. This is crucial.

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