MotivateJim Collins says that when you have the right people doing the right work you don’t really need to concentrate on motivating them – they will show up motivated.  What you need to do is make sure you don’t do anything to de-motivate the people on your team.  So, leaders, coaches and staff – here are the top 10 ways to de-motivate your volunteer teams:

1. A sense that their service is not valuable.

2. A sense that they do not matter as a person, only as a “worker”

3. A sense that their contribution is not as valid as others.

4. A lack of community.

5. A lack of connection with a bigger purpose.

6. Poor leadership and management.

7. Poor communication/direction.

8. Lack of appreciation.

9. Failure to recognize them as a donor.

10. Lack of development of them as a person.

If you want more on this – it came from a terrific article, Transforming Volunteers Into Kingdom Laborers put out by Leadership Network.  I think they are right on. What do you think?

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