I get e-mails from lots of young staff pastors across the country asking how they can bring about change in an existing church. The real question they have for me is this, “How can I bring about change when I’m not the boss?”  The following is a recent response to such a question:

you need to make sure you hear from God everyday.
  I know that sounds familiar.  Maybe that is happening.  Maybe not.
But the first job of every Christ Follower and even more importantly
every leader is to hear from God everyday.
Hear from Him and then risk it all on what He says.

you can begin to initiate change within your silo of the church
  Change does not always
come from the top.  Often, the most significant
change comes from places other than the top.
And innovative change seldom comes from the top. I was with Alan Hirsch
yesterday and he said something very profound; “the best critique of the
bad is to do something better.
would encourage you to avoid critique and to do what God tells you to do within
your ministry area.  When you begin to do something better others will notice and when they ask you explain the change that has happened.

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