For the last three years Community Christian Church through it’s Community 4:12 ministry has formed a partnership with Brady Elementary School in East Aurora.  This community is an under-resourced neighborhood where 90% of the children are from homes of first generation Hispanic immigrants.  It faces most of the issues that many under-resourced urban communities face.  It is our goal to be an agent of transformation in that community.

When we formed this partnership Brady Elementary was on the state of Illinois academic watch list.  I’m thrilled to tell you that I got the following e-mail from Kirsten Strand, our Director of Community 4:12: Just wanted to share the good news with everyone . . . I had a call late last night from Francisco, the principal at Brady.  He called to tell me that he just got word that Brady made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for a second year in a row, which means they are now officially off the state academic watch list!!!  That is a HUGE success for a school where 90% of the kids come from Spanish speaking homes.  He went on and on and on about how they never could have done this without our volunteers and tutors and the support we give the school.  Way to be an influential church, CCC! Kirsten”   I am so proud of CCC, Community 4:12, Kirsten, Francisco and the Brady community.  Way to go!!  This is just one of the ways that CCC is using it’s influence.

Want more info on how CCC is impacting the Brady Elementary School neighborhood?  Read about how last weekend we made sure that 450 students at Brady had school supply kits and in the process raised $1500 for the school.

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