Innovation_2Once again the people who read and comment on this blog are brighter than the person who writes this blog.  I was kind of excited about getting to be on the panel that helps select the list of the top innovative churches in the country and I asked for your suggestions and nominations. Then, I got some comments that got me thinking about innovation and the church.

Here is my new thinking:  Maybe we should be identifying
innovations that are emerging and tell their stories and not simply
list the most innovative churches.
Most of the churches on the list we
all know about anyway.  And when we get this list of innovative churches we don’t know specifically how they are being innovative, we just are told that they are innovative (unless we read Outreach Magazine – which we should…shameless plug!) I think it would be more helpful to single out
new innovations that are happening in relatively unknown settings and
in new churches and by young leaders. It would really empower/encourage
new churches and young leaders to take risks in ways that were
previously unknown.
  So, how about an innovations list and link to those churches rather than simply a generic list of churches that are innovative?

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