Img_0013_2I’m coaching both of my boys YMCA basketball teams this winter (assistant on one team and head coach on the other).  We had our first practice on Monday and it started really well – stretching, a few suicides, getting warmed up and then…

This is CJ (alias “Cheese”) showing us his muscles (??).  He’s one of my favorite junior high kids. Well, “Cheese” had a few too many hot dogs just before practice.  After a few sprints the next thing I know “Cheese” and Coach Dave are in the bathroom while he is “bowing down to the porcelain god”. Since I had to clean it up I threatened to tell the whole world.  And being in junior high, “Cheese” loved the idea and made sure I had a picture.  So, world, here is my power forward who puked during basketball practice!

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