Yesterday was Caleb’s 10th birthday.  We started the day early with a party at 6:30 am; before Josh and Amy went off to school.  Caleb got a bike…a “cool bike!”

Of course this was just the second of three parties that he will have.  Sue is big on birthdays.  I’m happy about it…my budget isn’t, but it’s a great tradition.  The first party was Saturday night – a sleep over with 10 other little dudes in tents in the backyard.  It was wild, but fun.  The third party will come this weekend with the grandparents.

It’s funny to think that there was a time that Sue and I thought that two kids were enough and that maybe we would stop.  (I know you have to stop sometime!?!)  Boy, that would have been a bad choice to not have added this guy to our family!

So, happy birthday Caleb!

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