Growing Missional Leaders My friend Matthew Smith has written a very practical and helpful guide for Growing Missional Leaders.  As the church in North America awakens to original intention to be a missional church there is more and more being written on this topic.  One of those books that you may not have heard about is Growing Missional Leaders.  Within this three-word title Smith has identified the most important challenge for the North American church in the twenty-first century.


The Kingdom of God is meant to grow.  Like a mustard seed it may start out small, but in time will grow into a large shrub that will reproduce and can overtake a whole countryside. Growing Missional Leaders is a book designed to help grow the Kingdom.  The real-life stories will motivate you to grow as a follower of Jesus.  The discussion questions will challenge you and your leadership team with introspection and application encouraging you to take the next step.


Missional is more than the latest buzzword in Christian leadership circles. Mission is what motivated God to send His people to be a blessing to the rest of the world.  Mission is what caused the Father to send his Son to a lost and dying world.  In the pages of this book you will feel Matthew Smith’s passion for mission.  He understands that every person’s eternity is at stake and the dream of God for all mankind is in jeopardy unless we accomplish the mission of Jesus.


Leadership is the key leverage point for initiating any kind of significant change.  If we can change leaders than we know that same change will take place in the people who are influenced by and follow that leader.  This is book is dedicated to the task of bringing about change and it has identified the most effective way is to start with leaders.

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