Ignite_5What a phenomenal weekend at Community Christian Church!  It was the first weekend of IGNITE where everyone at CCC does their best to pray for an opportunity and then invite new people to join them at a CCC site.   And that is exactly what happened!  It looks like we had 1200 more people this weekend than we did this weekend last year!  I had a ton of CCC’ers introduce me to their friends that they brought for the very first time!  And our new series, “Love Is Never Enough” was the perfect introduction for a newcomer!

  • The highlight of the weekend was the start of our new site in Yorkville!  We were praying for 300 people to join us for the opening weekend but God sent us more than 350!  Since I was teaching at Naperville this weekend, I’m just now getting some of the details.  But when I get more of the story, I’ll let you know.
  • Another highlight was the Naperville Downtown started it’s second service and got a great response and a record attendance.

Here are a couple e-mails that I already received:

  • Hi, Dave, I spoke to you Saturday evening after the service, Love Is Never Enough, and just want to say again how much I enjoy coming to your church.  Saturday was probably my 10th visit to CCC and EACH TIME I visit I leave with such a sense of joy and excitement for Jesus and serving Him. It’s hard to explain, really I am not a “churchy” person and I can’t quote squat from the Bible.  After I leave CCC, I feel so energized and excited. I don’t know how “you guys” do it, but I plan to keep coming back. I actually checked out the small group selections and saw that there are a couple groups that meet near me.  I enjoy watching the videos on the computer even when I’ve been in attendance at the original service.  Thanks for firing me up for the LORD!!! 
  • First, great job tonight.  You truly are a powerful communicator.Again, I would like to thank you and your team for the many things they do right:

    1)      Professional productions.

    2)      Creative sketches (with a message and humor intertwined seeminglessly).

    3)      Hospitable, smiling faces all around.

    4)      Powerful messages communicated in relevant language without “watering down” the content.

    5)      Incredible music and a seemingly endless supply of incredible talent.

    6)      Repeating the message, or points of importance, at the end to reinforce and cement the theme.

    Outstanding everyone!

It was a tremendous weekend and I’m so proud of all the people at CCC!

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