Mcmahon_familyThe highlight of the North American Christian Convention had to be seeing Troy and Janet McMahon (the pic is the whole family) in front of thousands of people telling their story of how they came to the decision to plant this new church in Kansas City.  I could not be more proud of those guys! Troy has the video of them being interviewed by Alan Ahlgrim the President of the NACC. If you want to check it out, click HERE.

The other highlights were getting to hear from some good friends like Vince Antonucci, Jim Putman and Todd Clark challenge these 3000 church leaders to partner in church planting.  The response was tremendous!  We are still processing so we can follow-up with everyone; but it looks like more than 1000 people made commitments to partner in church planting!!  Awesome.

If you want to get some others take on the 2007 NACC, here you go:

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