Good news bad newsWhich do you want: “the good news or the bad news?” It seems like you now have your choice.

First, according to Rodney Stark a world renown sociologist we have some good news: church membership in the United States has been on the increase for the last 200 years.  Sounds great, until you hear from the Barna group that church attendance has fluctuated and remained stable for the last 20 years or the research from Dave Olson who says only 19% of Americans really attend and most exaggerate their regular attendance.  So which is it “good news or bad news?”

Back to the good news:  in the middle of a tough economic crisis MSNBC is reporting that Americans continue to be generous and give to charitable causes.  And now for some bad news from The Barna Group that is reporting non-profits and churches in particular are in for a really tough time and could stand to lose billions of dollars.

So, what is it people, good news or bad news? 

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