Exponential 09 Closing Session This is the picture that I will long remember from Exponential 09.  This was the first of more than 500  leaders who came forward to make a commitment to plant a new church.  I was standing in the wings stage left while Francis Chan finished up his challenging closing message.  He had just begun to explain that people could come forward to receive prayer for the new church you will start or just started and I saw this young man come down the aisle and collapse in prayer.  It was representative of the moment and what God did through Exponential 09.

For the last few years I have served as the volunteer President of Exponential.  It is our prayer that God will use it to catalyze a movement of reproducing churches.  Every year God continues to send us more and more church leaders who are passionate about making that dream come true.  Three years ago we had 900 leaders attend; two years ago 1800; last year we had 2700 and this year more than 3000!

This years theme was “The Art of Movements” and we told stories of church planting movements in the East in hopes that we could learn and see it happen here in the West.  One of the church planting movements in India had rallied 100,000 Christ Followers to pray for Exponential 09.  No wonder we saw such amazing things happen!

I can’t wait for Exponential 10!

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