Big_idea_cover_2 I need your help as we plan BIG IDEAS for next year. If you leave me a comment I will e-mail you our 2008-09 BIG IDEA plan.

In a couple weeks some of the gang from Community and some of the gang from our NewThing Network will hole themselves up for a couple days and compile one years worth of BIG IDEAS.  These BIG IDEAS will become the themes that we will use in our Celebration Service and small groups for adults, and then in an age-appropriate way for students and kids.  It is a great concept!  If you want more information on how we do it at Community click HERE.

I already have some good ideas that I hope make the cut.  But I also know that you have some great ideas that you have used in the past or would like to use.  I’ll make you a deal.  If you leave me a comment with your best suggestions, when we get done planning our BIG IDEAS I will e-mail our 1-Year BIG IDEA plan to you.  So, give me your best BIG IDEAS.

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