Crave_kitThousands (I’m not exactly sure how many??) of Crave Kits arrived this week!  These Crave Kits are what everyone at Community Christian Church is going to give to their neighbors, friends, co-workers and family to invite them to CCC for our 3-part series Soul Cravings starting on September 15th & 16th.

We will be making the Crave Kits available on the weekends of September 1st & 2nd and 8th & 9th for purchase.  They cost us about $2.50/Crave Kit and we are asking people to buy them at 3/$5.00.  It will off-set some of the expense and we think we will have more ownership  in getting them to friends, family and co-workers if we chip in a little.   

Let me tell you about the Crave Kit. It is a simple and easy way to invite a friend to Community Christian Church.  You just give the Crave Kit away along with a personal invitation. That easy!  The Crave Kit includes…

  • A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (it’s what you crave!?!)
  • An invite to a CCC campus nearest you.
  • A Soul Craving DVD for people to hear real stories from real people who have found satisfaction for what their soul craves ; plus a link to follow the adventure of Joe Craveman at

The series we are using for our IGNITE campaign is Soul Cravings and it is really coming together nicely.  I just reviewed all our services and  we have already finished the first edit of the messages and it’s
going to be great series! It is already starting to create a buzz around here and on-line with the 24,000+ hits that Joe Craveman is received on YouTube in just a week!  This is going to be great way to invite people to CCC.

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